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Of late I have been conducting workshops in different cities including Copenhagen, Nairobi, Chennai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Bhubaneswar , Dehradun, Bengaluru and Rourkela. The response of the young and the young at heart has been fantastic. In a couple of workshops the strength was nearly 400 while the ideal for this kind of an event is considered to be around 50. Yet, I had a terrific time with the ignited minds rooting for me and my stories. After the workshop the kids would almost mob me with their class copies, pieces of paper and even slam books, asking for autographs. I felt like a rock star and kept praying that time would stand still.... A ten year old child came and told me, "Uncle, this was the happiest day of my life!" Another one unleashed an affectionate instruction, "Sir you have to come to a school once every month!"
In June, in Goa, I participated in a Workshop with a difference. It was an event for Illustrators organised by NBT aptly called ‘Colouring India’. It was a terrific experience with me as the lone author among 21 top illustrators from across the country. 6 stories written by me were selected by the illustrators. Four of these have been published and are on their way to the Bologna International Book Fair.
I conducted a Creative Writing Workshop for children studying in the Megahataburu-Kiruburu region of Jharkhand. The workshop was organized under the aegis of NBT, India.
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Goa, Workshop Megataburu, Kiruburu in Jharkhand
Bakul Foundation, Bhubaneswar Govt. School Majra, Dehradun
Dignity Foundation NBT Workshop Prakriya Green Wisdom School
Doon Holm Catholic School, Nairobi SAI International School, Bhubaneswar Heritage School, Dehradun
Himalaya Book Store, Hyderabad India Habitat Centre, Delhi Maasai School
Odyssey, Chennai Storytelling Festival Delhi  
  Workshops in Hyderabad