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In ‘A Hudson View’ there is such an eclectic mix of poetry with a myriad of themes, formats, structures, metres and styles, which reflects its world-wide status. The poems here touch the heart in as many ways and poetry should touch the heart.

One poem that really made me feel what the poet wanted to say was ‘My Hero’ by Ramendra Kumar. It made me remember my own father and it is what I would have wanted to say to him, but he died before I could – ‘I am sorry,/But I love you more than anyone ever can.”

Deepti Naval's poem "Smita and I" only emphasizes Ramendra Kumar's startlingly contradictory observations in "Memories":  A review by Vivien Steels    

Like henna
From your hands
My memories,
Fading with time.

Like tattoo
Carved on my psyche
Your memories,

A few poems are so many scenes played in everyone's life that I found myself nodding my head in agreement, recalling just such in a scene my own life.

Contemplations on
Cups of tea
A haze
Of cigarette smoke.

('The New Intellectual' by Ramendra Kumar)

A review by Glory Sasikala Franklin    
(a well known poet and writer)