The train moved from the station
Like a sluggish giant,
Minutes later it halted
Why was it playing truant?
Inside there was a happy chaos
Of arms, legs and voices,
Shouts and laughter,
And all the normal noises.

Suddenly there was an eerie calm
Inside the crowded train
Outside there were a thousand faces
Ready to play Cain.

Stones were hurled, doors shut
It drizzled and rained petrol,
Man had gone in hibernation
A beast had taken control.

No one was spared not even
The tiny hearts and souls,
It was a collage of burning flesh, roasting limbs
And a litany of shrieks and howls.

Across the land the word spread
Of the gruesome game of death,
Revenge became the flavour of the day
Venom was spewed with every breath.

Messiahs of hate roamed the streets
In search of an eye for an eye,
They blazed a trail of unbridled anger
And left humanity to die.

Vultures descended on the corpse
Tearing away chunks of flesh
Self serving netas and hacks
Were salivating for the meat so fresh.

For the netas it was a bonanza
Which would turn into actual votes,
The hacks were sniffing at prizes
Reality bites, juicy scoops and quotes.

For the bureaucracy and the judiciary
It was time to wake up from stupor,
Make all the right noises
And slip back into slumber.

Venal politicians, self centred media
Inept bureaucracy and judiciary,
The nation has been held to ransom
By the four pillars of democracy.

A riot is never the creation
Of any community, creed or caste,
It is our rotten system
That is behind every holocaust.

Our apathy, inertia and greed
Have created this brutal system,
Where man feeds on man
In the name of blessed religion.

Will we allow the land of the Mahatma
To be raped and ravaged?
Or shall we cleanse our motherland
By launching a fresh crusade.

Godhra has taught us a lesson
We should all keep in mind,
An eye for an eye will only make
The whole world blind.

We should pledge to exorcise the demons
Of greed, hatred and violence,
And prevent our country's vivisection
By giving love and peace a chance.

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