Ma, dear ma,
Can I too go to school?
To work very hard
Not merely to play the fool.

I want to learn to read
As well as to write,
To make my future
Happy, healthy and bright.

When I learn to write,
I’ll write your name first,
In the whole  world ma,
You are the very best.

After I learn, I’ll teach you
All that I know,
So that before the world
You will never have to bow.

I’ll work in the day
Go much after noon,
I’ll study by the light
Of my friend, the gentle moon.

Don’t say no to school ma,
Give me a chance to learn,
Many kids get this chance
Then why should I have to yearn?

If I go to school ma
I can say without hesitation,
Tomorrow my child will not
Have to ask this question.

What was denied to you ma?
Please don’t deny me,
Let us make our tomorrows better
Than our yesterdays could be.

Last night in my dream
I saw my fairy God mother,
She granted me a wish
And you know what I asked her?

Let all the children of the world
Get a chance to study,
Let them all go to school
And grow healthy and happy.

Let no one deny   a child
What is her basic right,
To know to draw, to count

And to learn to read and write.



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