An excerpt:

The two opponents shook hands.
Zorba gave Shiva a menacing grin.
"Sonny boy wasn't the bashing you got last time enough. You have come back begging for more. This time after I am finished with you they will have to scrape the remains off the floor."
Shiva looked at him straight in the eye but did not utter a word.
The bell rang and the bout started.
Rajat closed his eyes praying hard. When he opened them Shiva was on the floor and Zorba was jumping above him flaying his arms.
"Zorba - the greatest!" Zorba's supporters were on their feet yelling.
Shiva got up. Zorba had landed a right hook on his jaw and floored him.
"Come on Shiva, we are with you. Sock it to him," Avanti shouted using all her lungpower. Half the stadium reverberated with cries in Shiva's supporters as her schoolmates joined her.
Shiva steadied himself as Zorba rushed towards him. The boxers lashed out at each other.
As the rounds progressed it was clear that Zorba was prevailing over Shiva. Uncle Ben who was sitting next to Rajat explained to him, "Even if Shiva somehow manages not to get knocked out, he will lose out on the basis of points, unless he does something drastic."
Every time Shiva fell the school kids let out a sigh and every time he connected there was a collective whoop of joy. Zorba's hired supporters seemed no match for the unbridled enthusiasm of the school children.
In the fourth round Zorba landed a left uppercut and Shiva crumpled to the floor.
The referee began counting One..Two..Three." Shiva got up on his knees. Just above his left eyebrow was a nasty cut from which blood was oozing. The blood was trickling down blurring his vision. Zorba was screaming like a maniac and his supporters were shouting themselves hoarse, "Zorba the King- the Champion of Champions."
From the corner of his right eye Shiva could see Rajat's face. It had gone complete white. It was as if in his father's defeat he was seeing his own death.
"Seven..eight...nine." the referee was counting.
Shiva got up unsteadily to his feet. As Zorba came towards him with a smirk on his ugly face Shiva unleashed a right hook. He put everything into that one punch - his body, his weight, his desperation, his hope, his son's dreams, and prayers..