An excerpt:

He looked at her. She was lying on the bed, her eyes closed and her pale face encased in a halo of lustrous hair. She looked really vulnerable. He wanted to grab her, take her in his arms, kiss her all over and make soft, gentle love to her.
He had seen her today after almost two years. She had not changed a bit. In fact she looked even more adorable now. The beautiful eyes, the small slightly broad nose, the full, delectable lips ....his eyes travelled down....he remembered every outline, every nuance of her glorious body - the perfectly shaped breasts, firm and proud, the long tapering legs and her succulent hips - she was like a Goddess of sensuality.
In the last few months she had suffered hell - her body, her mind, her soul all had been ravaged. The trauma and the torture had finally led to her attempting suicide. Thank God he had managed get the Doctor in time. Even a slight delay could have proved fatal.
He didn't know how they would face each other when she came to. The memory of their last conversation was still fresh in his mind. It had been gnawing away at his psyche all these days. The anger, the hatred, the bitterness - could it all be swept away in one stroke? Serendipity had brought them together, he was hoping and praying that love would keep them together. But did she really love him? He was not sure. The only thing he was certain about was that he was still madly, insanely in love with her. She was his everything - his passion, his obsession, his very being.
There was a slight movement. He looked at her. She was tossing and turning. As he reached forward to hold her hand she opened her eyes, stared at him and screamed.......


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