An excerpt:

"Come on then. Let's join the party," Alan said, getting up.
Sagar hesitated for a second and then nodded.
Alan led him inside to another room, which was slightly bigger than the first. This room led to the terrace where all the action was going on.
Sagar stood at the edge of the room and surveyed the scene. In one corner was the music system, which was blaring the latest remix number. There were around twenty girls and guys with drinks in their hand. Most of the guys and some of the girls were smoking. While some were dancing in a state of frenzy there were a few swaying gently to the music. The sky was clear and the terrace was bathed in moonlight. It was pleasantly cool and as Sagar watched he was quite mesmerised by the scene.
"Hi! You must be Sagar? Alan was telling me about you. I am Sanya, Alan's cousin."
Sanya was around his age or at most a year older. She was clad in a lemon yellow T-shirt and black jeans. She had large eyes, a nose which, had it been sharper would have made her look positively beautiful and a small mouth which was more a pout. As she smiled at him, Sagar realised Sanya wasn't merely cute she actually was beautiful.
"Hi!" Sagar replied with some difficulty. His tongue suddenly seemed to have got stuck to the roof of his mouth.
Anyway he needn't have bothered trying his hand at some intelligent conversation since Sanya kept on prattling. Soon he knew almost everything about her - her best friend, the name of her pet dog, her favourite hero, what she wanted to be when she grew up and even that she hated remixes and loved cricket.
"Oh God! I have been chattering all this while and I haven't even asked you what you want to have.
Excuse me I'll be back."
A few minutes later she was back with two glasses in her hand.
"Here cheers to our friendship."
"What's in this?"
"Gin. Why? Do you want beer or are you the hard drinking type?"
"No I don't drink."
She looked at him in astonishment as if he had said: 'I grow horns every time the moon comes out from behind a cloud.'
"You don't drink? Now you'll tell me you have never been to a pub or gone to a dance party."
"I haven't," Sagar, said suddenly feeling like some kind of a lowly criminal.
"Never mind. It is never too late to start." She handed him the glass.
Taking the glass he took a sip. It had a funny kind of taste. He took a few more sips and then emptied the glass in one go. For a few seconds nothing happened and then he felt dizzy.
"You must be feeling giddy. Here take this," Sonya handed him a cigarette.
"Wh..what is this?"
"Simply take a puff and let go. Don't ask questions, Sagar. Just enjoy," Sanya said smiling at him. Sagar took a puff and then another. He coughed a bit, spluttered a little and then felt himself floating...


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