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The Wise Kanhu : Has been translated into Japanese and adapted as Kamishibai – the traditional form of storytelling in Japan. The story   is being & performed by the artists of Intertnational Kamishibai Association of Japan (IKAJA) in different countries.

The Wise Kanhu originally written by Ramendra Kumar and  translated and adapted by Etsuko Nozaka, was nominated for the prestigious  46th Takahashi Gozan prize  in May 2008.  It was among the   7 works  nominated out of the total  54   published this year. Though no work won a prize, nomination to this coveted award in itself is considered a stellar achievement. Ramendra Kumar is the only writer from outside Japan to feature in this celebrated list!

It is noteworthy that The Wise Kanhu has been illustrated by Seizo Tashima, one of the best illustrators in Japan and published by   Doshinsha Publishing Co., Ltd.,  Tokyo, a premier publishing house. The  distinguished   award has been instituted in the name of  Takahashi Gozan(1888-1965),  a publisher, editor and Kamishibai creator active in the Taisho and Showa periods.

The Spirit of Diwali : Published in the textbook ‘Searching 9’ for class nine students of Norway. Only two Indian writers have been featured in the book with a short profile and photograph : Rabindranath Tagore and yours truly!!!

Just a Second and Other Stories: The collection of stories has been translated and published in Sinhala, the official language of Sri Lanka.

A dissertation was submitted  on two of my short stories by Avani Tailor, a graduate student in Comparative Literature at the University of Illinois. She used a psychoanalytic approach to analyse my stories Nemesis and Am I Insane along with Ruth Prawer  Jhabwala's  story The Widow.

My story 'Honesty Pays'  is being included as reading material as a part of the  anti-corruption  campaign for primary school children of Mauritius. The campaign has been  launched   by  Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), Mauritius.

My poems have been published in 'A Hudson View'  an international collection of  poetry published by Skyline Publications, New York, USA and  printed by the Poet's Printery, Amalinda, South Africa.

A paper titled :  "Double Colonization for the Marginalized Children: A Literary Delineation" was presented by Dr. Nandini Sahu,  Reader in English, Indira Gandhi National Open University,  at  the International Conference on  Social Development, Social Movements and the Marginalised. The paper discussed two novels of the noted litterateur Mulkraj Anand and several short stories of mine.

Folk Tales of Odisha was selected for display at the Moscow International Book Fair held from 2-7, September, 2009. The Exhibition was put up by National Book Trust (NBT).