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I had the privilege of presenting a paper at the 31st IBBY  World Congress-2008   held in Copenhagen, Denmark  in the second week of September, 2008. The paper won rave reviews and accolades both for the substance as well as the style of presentation.  I had gone on an invitation by the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY) to address the Congress which was attended by writers, publishers, illustrators and research scholars from   71 countries across the globe.

In his paper titled "Here and Now Writing: An Indian Paradigm",   I    drew   upon the Jagannath Cult and explained  how its values and ideals can be skillfully synergized  with  the  modern day concerns  to fashion and sculpt a literature which is  enduring, endearing and eternal. The multi-ethnic audience was impressed by the fact that I  could dovetail an ancient tradition with contemporary issues to present a paradigm which was fresh and vibrant.   

I also   presented a story at the Story Telling Festival which was organized as a part of the conference. Later I  was invited by a Public School in  Copenhagen  to conduct a Creative Writing Workshop for its students. 


In October 2009, I had the pleasure and privilege of conducting a story telling session for the children of Doon Holm Catholic School in Nairobi, Kenya. I was wondering whether I would be able to connect with the children, but to my delight the kids and I achieved a sublime synergy leading to a rocking, rollicking sixty minutes of sheer, unadulterated fun.


"The Cactus" a poem written by me has been adapted as a song by Miss Derringer, a LA based rock band that perform a blend of blues and country music.