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Just a Second
and Other Stories (1997)
The Magic Pills
and Other Stories (1999)
The Will to Win(2001) Internet in the Jungle
and Other stories(2003)
The Mad Scientist
and Other Stories (2004)
Check and Mate
and Other Stories (2004)
The Miracle Park (2004) Babolito
and Other Fantasies (2005)
Not a Mere Game (2006) The Brave Friends
and Other Stories (2007)
Better than the Best (2007) Terror in Fun City (2008)
The Cactus (2009) Folk Tales of Orissa (2009) Now or Never (2010) JJ Act (2010)
Paplu, the Giant (2011) What, Why and How(2012) Brave Nirmal and
Other Stories (2012)
The Royal Sweeper(2013) We Are Different (2013) A Tale of Tails (2013)  


    FROM ART TO NIRVANA (1991) It is a collection of satirical stories. I have taken a lopsided view of the several sacred 'institutions'  like: modern art, verse libre, Indo Anglian writing, etc.
    VIGNETTES (1993) It is a collection of stories and satirical sketches
    YOU (1993) It is a bilingual collection of poems in English and Bengali
    THE GREAT POLITICAL CIRCUS (1996) As the name suggests it is a take off on Indian politics in all its murky hues. Presented in the format of a novel it chronicles the shenanigans of the weird species we call politicians
    MISTER BHARAT AND OTHER SATIRICAL     SKETCHES (1997) Here the author cocks a snook at such venerable and idolised institutions like cricketers, film stars, politicians, kings of cuisine, etc. One book comprising stories and satirical sketches for grownups has also been published as per the details given in translations below


  • TIME PASS UNCLE (2013) - Odia
  • MOGAMBO KHUSH HUA (2013) - Odia
  • THE CACTUS (2012) - Hindi
  • FOLK TALES OF ODISHA(2012) - Hindi
  • Paplu, the Giant (2011) - Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Kannada
  • JJ Act (2010) - Hindi
  • Jungle mein Internet (2009) - Urdu
  • Champ (2006) - Marathi
  • Sridevi ro Anda (2005) - Odia
  • Jungle re Internet (2005) - Odia
  • Ramendra Kumar's Stories (2003) - Sinhala
  • Mazha Adarsha (2002) - Marathi
  • Toniyude Christmas Sammanam (2002) - Malayalam
  • Yashachi Gurukilli (1999) - Marathi
  • Jeevan Moulyagana Kathegalu (1998) - Kannada
  • KALE KADUN NIRVANA KALE  (1996) - Marathi