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I have been indulging in 'Bookathons' on a fairly regular basis. These include 'Book Release' functions' 'Book Reading' sessions, 'Story Telling' sittings and 'Meet the Author' programmes. I have been quizzed by fellow authors, grilled by the media and subjected to a Spanish Inquisition by the members of GenX!
I have loved every moment of every Bookathon and my prayer to the one above is let there be no full stops, only commas between my rendezvous with books and kids..
Three of my books were released at the World Book Fair held in New Delhi from 4th to 10th February. On 4th I Chaired a panel discussion on the Theme “Role of Parents in Promotion of Pleasure Reading.” The next day I was invited to lead a participative session with writers and illustrators. On 6th I participated in the “Meet the Author” programme. The highlight of this interaction was story telling and experience sharing by yours truly peppered with queries from the young and vibrant minds on the various aspects of my creativity. Another huge plus was all my books being put on display in the Author’s Corner. I was the only children’s writer from Odisha whose work was showcased at the World Book Fair
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World Book Fair, New Delhi
Book Reading at Crossword, Hyderabad
Meet the Author Programme at India Habitat Centre Book Reading at Crossword, New Delhi
Book Release at Landmark, Chennai
Book Release Functions at Rourkela Book Release at Prakriya Green Wisdom School, Bengaluru