Stories set in the here and now about the response of normal children to abnormal situations.


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  • 'The Will to Win', by Ramendra Kumar, is a collection of nine short stories all immensely readable for their simple narrative style and refreshing themes. Who would have imagined that the famous Kargil, War an incident of recent times, could be the stuff for children's stories? Ramendra Kumar's story, 'A Father and a Patriot' is brilliant, not merely for his imaginative inclusion of the Kargil War but also the number of issues he deals with, keeping the war in focus. It is a story located in 2023 A.D. eight-year-old Muskaan is perplexed to see her mother perform Namaaz, while her grandfather does Puja. She asks her father the reason and what follows is a very moving story enough to make one cry. Ramendra Kumar's perception of the children's world, his eye for detail and his ability to locate his themes in ordinary and contemporary life situations make the stories that much more meaningful and relevant. Priced at Rs. 55, it would be an ideal gift for a child.
Deccan Herald, August 18, 2001  
  • Mr. Ramendra Kumar, a prize winning children's author, has written yet another winner, 'The Will to Win'. This is a compilation of nine stories, about the winning spirit of different children faced with various challenges. Using love, wit, courage, determination and kindness as their tools, our young heroes/ heroines battle their way through trying times and difficult people. School bullies, war heroes, environment scam, cricket capers and magical moments..if these themes excite you, then this book is a must read.
Young at Art, October 2001  
  • A collection of short stories for children aged 10 and above, Ramendra Kumar's Will to Win is a good mix of themes but with one thing in common - they have children playing important roles in all the stories. As the title suggests, each story is inspirational and makes us think of the strength of positive qualities like goodness, generousity and courage.
Pitara, December 21, 2001 
  • Ramendra Kumar a gifted writer with more than half a dozen published books already to his credit has recently brought out one more titled 'The Will to Win'. Each short story has been written with a view to impress upon the young minds that the old values of life such as love, affection, courtesy and politeness are not just words but palpable realities.
Meghdutam, June 2001  
  • The protagonist in each case is someone the child can identify and empathise with. The author has woven the stories well to make them captivating as well as inspiring, to put an indelible impression on the children's mind. Most of the stories in the book can be read and enjoyed by adults too. The language is simple and lucid.
Indian Express, January 5, 2001  
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