It is a poignant tale of the bonding between a father and a son. Shiva sacrifices his boxing career for the sake of his son, Rajat. However, the compromise proves too painful and he becomes an alcoholic. Years later when Rajat comes to know he decides to resurrect his papa's career and life. What follows is a story of courage, commitment and concern. Rajat and his friends take Shiva to the brink of rejuvenation. However, the final plunge has to be taken by Shiva himself. This is Shiva's last chance. It is either now or never...


 Ponytale Books
    A 132 Lake Gardens
    Kolkata 700 045, India
  • An expressive and prolific writer, Ramendra Kumar has in this little novelette, Now or Never (meant for the school-going teenager) captured the spirit of the young.

    In a nutshell, it is a fast moving and interesting book, not only for young people but also for adults. In no part of the book is there a dull moment.

Mira Garg, Writer and Illustrator
  • Now or Never by Ramendra Kumar is a rare venture into the sports arena in which the author takes up the issue of match fixing.
Deepa Agarwal, Muse India
  • This is a touching story of a father and a son and the bond they share. Shiva, gives up his boxing career for the sake of his son, Rajat. But then Shiva is not able to accept his sacrifice. Years later, Rajat realises that he has to do something. Will he be able to do it or, is it too late?
The Hindu, January 3, 2011
  • "Award winning children's writer Ramendra Kumar presents a hard-hitting story of love, friendship and the fighting spirit. This strong story told in simple, clear style, touches the heart without sinking into sentimentality."
Monideepa Sahu, Deccan Herald, June 18, 2010 
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