The delectable stories in this delightful collection will enmesh you in a gossamer fabric of imagination, humour, suspense and sentiment. You will get to enjoy the squelchy masti of puddle jumping, relive the cliff-hanging suspense of a cricket match, savour the riveting finish of a relay race, experience the power of courage, the joy of giving and the sheer pleasure of turning trauma into triumph. The characters and situations in this book are not culled from fables or fantasy, but from life and living in the here and now. The characters will reach out and touch your hearts, minds and souls in ways you have never been touched before. Enjoy and experience the book!


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  • ‘Not a Mere Game’ by Ramendra Kumar, an award winning writer for children, is a collection of 10 short stories. The characters and events in this book reach out to the hearts of the readers and take them on a joyride of fun and fantasy.
    Written in simple and lucid language, the situations are woven together so as to create a lasting impact on the readers. This is a book that will find its readers amongst all age groups.
    A must read for all fun loving people.
Astha Malik, Reader’s Club Bulletin, Nov. 2010, An NBT publication.
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