It comprises ten stories which address contemporary concerns in a style which is riveting and racy.


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  • Kumar's stories are as much for children as for the parents. These are simple yet touching tales inspired by everyday characters and happenings a child can easily relate to.
    His stories are refreshingly different and departure from the usual run of the mill adventure stories and fairy tales.
The Hindustan Times, June 9, 1999  
  • The ten stories in the book, with varying titles, all talk about what a young person feels, thinks and does.. So start reading to start thinking!
The Pioneer, May 23, 1999  
  • The stories about everyday incidents in the lives of the children, stir the readers and prove to be an eye opener not just for children, but parents too. The stories present in the culture, tradition and life-style of people and try to instil in readers certain values of life.
    The stories, engrossing as they are, have been written in the backdrop of every day situations with a moral, with which the children can easily identify themselves.
Indian Express, October 13, 1999 
  • The book under review consists of ten stories, which are interesting, entertaining, and have a moral in them.
The Hitavada, May 8, 1999 
  • Each story is true to life, recreated skilfully. The seed idea of each story has been picked up from the Indian setting. So it is easy for the reader to identify himself with the theme.
    Each story has a message or a moral. But the moral is not driven in bluntly. The language is simple and lucid.
Newsletter, Indian Society of Authors, April-June, 1999 
  • There is quite a collection of stories here, and each one is quite cute in its own way. The values they are retrying to feed us are quite simple; be kind, helpful, honest….to both human beings and animals.
    On the whole you'll enjoy this book.
Deccan Herald, July 24, 1999 
  • The stories deal with day to day problems that children face. The ten stories tell you how to study, how to overcome loneliness, the importance of loyalty and more.
The Hindu, June 17, 1999  
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