A riveting collection of stories that will make you laugh, cry and most important make you think.


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  • That sweet world where the right wins over might, truth stands tall and honesty is not just the best, but the only policy.. The lessons learnt under the loving protection of the grandparent. You have not lived if you have not felt that..

    Things change for the better after that. But we in the real world might have to work harder than that. Still, it is the trying that matters and the understanding that we should never give up if we are to succeed.
Deccan Herald, October 15, 2004 
  • The book brings to life tales of how ordinary kids respond to extraordinary situations. A communal riot, a family that breaks up, a handicap. the stories touch upon various aspects of life. Rare sensitivity, subtle humour and fine tuned emotions make these stories memorable.
Indian Express, June 18, 2004  
  • The stories in this delightful collection are not about 'once upon a time'. You will not find boy wizards with extraordinary powers battling supernatural forces and macabre creatures in this collection. The charming tales are about kids who are normal but have to face predicaments, which are abnormal. How they go about fighting adversity not with wands but with will power, not with spells but with intelligence, not with potions but with pragmatism is what this book is all about.
Indianest.com, March 30, 2004 
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