It is an anthology of children's fables. The stories written in simple language are drawn from everyday incidents and feature characters which the children can easily identify with.


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  • It is heartening to see that the books for children like the present one under review are not only relevant in the Indian context but have a moral to match. The fourteen stories are quite absorbing and the themes varied. The volume is well got up, is reasonably priced and a good read for children.
The Hindu, September, 30,1997 
  • A collection of short stories written in easy to understand English.
The Telegraph, June 6, 1998 
  • The stories cover a wide variety of emotions, morals and behaviour of children as well as adults. The complex relationship between the human beings has also been depicted beautifully in this book. All the stories are interesting and engrossing.
The Hitavada, September 4, 1998 
  • The book makes for good reading for children of all ages.
Gokulam, October, 1998 
  • A collection of stories mostly with some kind of moral attached to it. And surprising they are quite interesting and readable - you'll want to know what happened next. All the stories are charmingly recounted. More importantly your seven year old can read it without much difficulty and a little bit of help from you. The language is clear, concise and most importantly correct. And the moral that comes with these stories is a perk.
Parenting, August, 1997 
  • It is an interesting collection of short stories aimed at young children. The book makes absorbing reading and the author has managed to portray various human characteristics and emotions in simple and easy language which even a small child can understand. Most of the tales have a lesson in moral values and virtues into the story. Priced at Rs. 40 the book provides excellent value for money.
Indian Book Chronicle, September, 1997 
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