Rohan and Saira are thirteen year old twins, who live in Delhi with their adopted parents, Mr and Mrs Shekhar Saran, and their daughter, Seema aged 26 who is a doctor.

Rohan and Saira have been assigned by their school to do a project and make a presentation on Juvenile Justice Act 2000 (amended in 2006) at the inter-school seminar to be held next month. Juvenile Justice Act is a law for the protection of children. It deals with Children in Need of Care and Protection and Children in Conflict with Law. In the beginning, Rohan and Saira find the project difficult to complete but soon with the help of their elder sister Seema, they meet people who explain to them about how the law works and how it helps children. This exposure and sharing of experiences gives them such a deep understanding of the Juvenile Justice Act that they end up winning the first prize.

All of us need to be educated on this important law. So, if you want to know more pick up the book….

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