The stories in this collection are about animal characters in contemporary times, facing present day concerns.


 Sanbun Publishers
    A-78, Naraina Industrial Area
    Phase-1, New Delhi - 110028
  • It is a wonderful collection of stories about animals in a contemporary set up. Hence Kumar's readers would find it easy to relate to them. He has packaged the stories with adventure, emotions and lots of fun and the collection is sure to be liked by the young readers.
Lokmat Times, April 27, 2003  
  • The concept of using animal characters who think, talk and behave like humans is as old as the Panchatantra. However, Ramendra Kumar's 'Internet in the jungle and other stories', are not creatures in the 'once upon and time', rather they are very much in the 'here and now'.
    The stories are pacy, the language simple and there is absolutely no attempt to sermonise or preach.
Indian Express, March 8, 2003  
  • The book is a delightful collection of nine stories based on animal characters and is ideal for children in the age group 7-12. Concerns which are common today like the problem of match-fixing, the popularity of internet, the exploitation of animals et al are all dealt with in an interesting and evocative manner. Human values are brought out through the animals characters in a subtle way leaving a lasting impression., March 2, 2003  
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