Orissa is a land of rich culture and tradition. It has a glorious past which boasts of a diverse mythology, a proud history, entrepreneurial excellence, artistic brilliance and lots more.

This kaleidoscope of heritage has naturally spawned a treasure trove of myths, legends and folklore.

The folk tales of Orissa have their origin in mythology, in history as well as in customs and traditions. Stories of Lord Jagannath, tales behind temples, historical narratives and the ever so popular tales of birds and animals have created a captivating tapestry. It has been the author's modest attempt to present in this compilation folk tales which owe their genesis to all the aforementioned genres.

The book is the author's humble tribute to his Karmabhumi - Orissa!


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  • Folk Tales of Orissa is a unique compilation of stories of Lord Jagannath, tales behind temples, historical narratives and stories of birds and animals. The book has been written in a simple, lucid and evocative style by national award winning children’s writer Ramendra Kumar. What makes the anthology truly special is that it is the only book written in English for children which explores the folk, myth and mythology of the glorious land of Utkal in such an engaging manner. Brought out by Children’s Book Trust (CBT) with attractive illustrations and excellent production values, the book is sure to endear itself to readers across genres and age groups.
Folk Archives & Folk Museum, Khariar
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