The stories in this collection offer a mix of adventure, sentiment, humour and suspense.


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  • Though it is difficult to spell out any particular story and almost all stories are a must read, The Best Gift truly stands out. A lonely teenager and a lonesome grandma come together to make a truly endearing tale. The book offers an ideal break from a surfeit of cartoons, cricket and computer games and also offer a lot for the youth and the old to learn.
Indian Express, June 18, 2004 
  • All the seven tales in Check mate and Other Stories deal with ordinary kids behaving extraordinarily in different situations. This book can actually be read as a guide of how the youngsters should behave or act when facing these situations. Though it is very unusual that kids are ever asked their opinion in matters like communalism, but as per the book, the youngsters can act more sensibly than their parents. The most interesting feature of the book is its portrayal of the real situations. Many of the young readers may be facing similar situations and hence they can take a peg from the book.
Hindustan, October 23, 2004 
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