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Quite simple really - to stay within the tolerable limits of insanity. If I didn't I would keel over from the position of somewhatsane to completelyinsane.

Well almost everything ranging from satire to poems and fiction to fables.

My tryst with creativity commenced with satire. I have always believed that the only way to see a topsy turvy world straight is by taking a skewed look at everything. In a universe which is completely mad only the somewhatsane are truly sane. (Wow! Can we call it Ramen's first [and possibly last] Principle of Sanity).

My wacky (to me) and weird (to most), sense of humour has got me into a lot of trouble. An article I wrote on the budding feminists was published in my college magazine. The copies were burnt in every nook an corner of the Campus. And this was much before Satanic Verses and Salman Rushdie made this street corner 'Sati' so very fashionable.

My predilection for the print media has been suitably rewarded with my writing winning a fair degree of acceptance and a modest degree of success.
Twelve books written by me have so far been published. These include three anthologies of stories and satirical sketches, a political satire, a poetry collection and seven collections of children's stories. One of my stories has been included in the syllabus for class three students of Matriculation schools in Tamilnadu and Pondicherry as well as class two students of the ICSE board. My prize winning stories have found a place in 16 Short Stories, Thirty Teenage Stories, Indian Tales and Folk Tales and Solah Kahaniyan, four anthologies brought out by Children's Book Trust as a part of its 'Golden Set' series.
My work has been published and reviewed in major newspapers and magazines of India and translated into several Indian languages. Five of my books have been translated and published in Malayalam, Marathi and Kannada and one in Sinhala, the official language of Sri Lanka.

I have persisted with satire but have also dabbled in less risky modes of self expression. I started writing for kids a few years ago mainly to wean away Ankita from the boob tube. Here I met with almost instant nirvana. Not only did Ankita lap up my stories her friends too found them worthy of attention.I wrote them down and sent them to a couple of children's magazines. They were accepted and the editors actually wrote to me asking for more. I, who had been used to the ratio of one hit to ten misses,was pleasantly surprised. I decided to shift track and foray into the idyllic world of children. Here I found the market flooded with Enid Blyton clones and the modern avatars of comrade Anderson and Grimms siblings. There was also a deep seated antipathy for any story which conveyed a moral. It was immediately castigated as preachy, didactic etc. Though I too don't believe in talking down to kids, I personally feel a tale nicely told,with a tiny moral subtly tucked in, would be the ideal fare for a child whose staple diet today is a mix of 'highbrow' cartoons and the 'gently aesthetic' WWE.

I put this belief into practice and fortunately my stand was vindicated with my adventures in kiddydom proving quite successful. I now woo ardently fables, caress sometimes satires and occasionally dabble in short stories and poems.

A few years ago I made a cautious entry into cyberspace. The response was terrific and I am still riding high...... I have been contributing satire, stories, fables and poems regularly to many ezines : Sulekha, Indiatimes, Chaitime, Meghdutam, Pitara, Sunlight, Aboutteens, Freshlimesoda, Topwritecorner, Indianest, Nariworld, 4to40....
I am now the Editor of and two complete portals for the young and the young at heart!