Sample my writing:

My parents christened me Ramendra Kumar.
But if you find the name a little too heavy there is
a more euphonious version available: Ramen.

Somewhatsane (no relation of Sun Yat-sen). If you think I am indulging in some puerile humour, please have patience. By the time you finish reading this stuff (in case you do), you'll agree I am closer to some whatinsane than somewhatsane. I meandered into Civil Engineering and by the time I reached the second semester I was yearning to break free. To shed the yoke of (civil)ity I got into MBA. Enjoyed myself and managed to do rather well. Joined a Public Sector monolith partly by persuasion, partly by choice. A few weeks later I found I was sitting submerged in miles and miles of files which was enough to give any sensitive bloke a severe attack of piles (poetry byJove!)

Before I could organise the 'Great Escape' I fell in love with Madhavi (my colleague). My fate was sealed. Now years later I am a contented man - still submerged in files, but with a pretty wife and two lovely kids Ankita and Aniket and enough time for my obsession - writing.

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