The 5 Pillars of the New Paradigm
During the time of our parents and grandparents Parenting was no big deal. In fact in almost all cases it was a shared responsibility. Children grew up with uncles, aunts, grandparents and of course parents helping them take on life as it came.
Since then the onslaught of change has created a new society, a new culture and a new value system. The joint family has morphed into   single and double income nuclear families. The responsibility of bringing up the child now rests squarely on the parents with little support available from paid help or family. With one and increasingly more often both parents busy in search of the 9 to 5 (or is it 9 to 9!) Utopia the situation is becoming a ‘pressure-cooker’ one.
This apart, the expectations of the parents from the child and vice versa have increased phenomenally.  All these changes put together have turned every concept, ideal and principle of parenting on its head.  To be effective the Parent of today has to be a Memory-Maker, a Juggler, A Humour Promoter, A Sports Catalyst and a Guru of Values.
I am neither a psychologist nor a social scientist, neither a qualified pediatrician nor a psychiatrist. I am merely a children’s writer who cares for kids, a parent who loves children and an adult with shards of memories which still prickle.
In this book I have tried to create a Paradigm of Effective Parenting   comprising Five Pillars of Sharing, Caring, Fun and Joy, Healthy Living and Invaluable Values.  The Paradigm is based on   ideas culled from my own experiences as a child from a broken home, my observations as a writer for children and my own struggles as a parent.
The Paradigm is by no means a profound model on the art and science of   successful Parenting, nor a quick fix offering an immediate and lasting solution.  It is a framework offering only gentle suggestions, hints and thoughts which would hopefully serve you as unobtrusive guides as you journey across the tough terrain of Parenting. I sincerely hope my straight from the heart, hands-on approach to Parenting helps you become a more effective parent.
Happy reading and Happier Parenting!

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